Way of life as [建信]Kenshin


Aspiring to be a carpenter, I entered the world of carpentry without knowing the right or left, and became independent after the training era, and it has already been four years.

[Independence] sounds good, but unlike in the training era, it does not mean that you can be given the job you want to do or the job you like as a matter of course.

The weight of responsibility for work, determination, and way of thinking have changed significantly.

However, thanks to the work skills, mental strength, and approach that I have cultivated in the environment that I was taken care of during my training, I sometimes get better evaluations than I think, and now I am inside myself. It is very useful in.

I’ve been feeling more and more thankful since I became independent.

I have caused various inconveniences and problems, but I am really grateful that I was taken care of and raised with great affection, and I am working on my own work by utilizing that feeling. is.

Don’t forget to love the idea of ​​doing anything, not the skill or knowledge of work, but the idea of ​​making things with obsession (although technology and knowledge are important), and putting all your strength into it. It is my gratitude, repayment, and the foundation of [Kenshin].

What should I do to build a trusted building? First, believe in yourself, believe in the other person, and let them experience various things while asking themselves how much they can help for their customers and peers. I have you.

If you do business with such a belief, there are many good events and encounters, but sometimes you are slandered, sometimes you use good intentions maliciously, you are betrayed and you are deceived and selfish. There are many difficult situations.

Still, I will continue to be prepared to stick to my righteousness.

It may seem beautiful, but some carpenters like me support, rejoice, and help. Thank you very much, and I can inspire and do my best because you can think that way.

I don’t know what will happen in the difficult world, but I’m thinking of doing it as Kenshin, so I’m an inexperienced person, but I look forward to working with you in the future.

Kenshin Gima Kenshin