Japanese private house remodeling

This building is an old Japanese private house. I will remodel this private house.

It is a private house built 85 years ago.


The owner, who lives in this house, runs a guesthouse, so he wanted a cottage-style renovation so that travelers could stay.

The wood used in the building is still durable after 85 years.


We carry out heat insulation work and cold protection work according to the Japanese climate

The damaged part was repaired using Japanese carpentry technology.

Remodeling work is difficult because it takes longer than new construction work

In response to the request of the owner, it was a difficult construction, but I am glad that I managed to complete the remodeling.

Mr. K Thank you for your request this time.

I was able to grow up with the strict love of Mr. K. I wish K’s loving and long-lasting prosperity 🙏✨